About Jeremy

jeremy-day-photoI’ve been designing courses almost as long as I've been a teacher. At first, I created specialised courses for the learners in the factories where I taught: English for Health and Safety, English for Accountants, even English for Company Chauffeurs. Within a few years, course design had become my main responsibility, and I produced a series of Business Communication Skills courses for premium clients. My first course for a global audience was English for Marketing Professionals, which went on to be used in International House schools around the world. Shortly afterwards, I moved to the British Council, where I continued to write courses, including my second global course, Legal English for TOLES Advanced.

This led to my first taste publishing, when I wrote the Teacher’s Book for International Legal English (Cambridge). Shortly afterwards, I became Series Editor of Cambridge English for …, a series of short ESP courses. My role involved working closely with subject-specialist authors from a wide range of ESP fields (Engineering, Nursing, Job-hunting, the Media, Marketing, Scientists and Human Resources) to turn their ideas into polished and coherent courses.


In 2010, I started working as an editor for English360, a blended-learning platform. At first, my job involved re-purposing printed coursebooks into interactive online courses. After a few years, I became Editorial Director, leading a team of editors and writers in the development of original online courses for universities and vocational colleges around the world.

In 2012, I co-authored two major international ELT coursebooks: Active Grammar 3 (Cambridge) and New Matura Success Upper Intermediate (Pearson). I’ve written supplementary materials for many well-known ELT courses, such as face2face (reading lessons, two levels), Empower (grammar banks, four levels) and Business Advantage (DVD lessons, three levels). My twelve Teacher’s Books include Dynamic Presentations, Flightpath (Aviation English) and two levels of Unlock (Academic English).


Most recently, I've co-authored two levels of Velawoods English, a fully interactive course set in an immersive 3-D environment. I also shared my experiences and advice for other authors on online materials in How to Write for Digital Media, part of the ELT Teacher2Writer series.